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How does work?

As a freelancer:

  • Create a profile and state your skills and contact details
  • Talk directly with local clients who need your skills

As a client:

  • Search for skills you need and make contact with the freelancers you find
  • Talk directly with local freelancers who have the skills you need

How does NOT work?

  • Clients do not need to reveal projects or budgets
  • Freelancers do not need to fear missing out on a project
  • Nobody has to pay hefty project fees to

How it works is designed to very simply put clients in touch with local freelancers with no red tape and no restriction on how and when you can talk to each other.
We built this service with few restrictions precisely because it's important to communicate well at the start of an engagement and it's something of a distraction to need to create projects or contests or to have a restricted number of bids or proposals in a month or to have a high monthly fee.
Also, the site is restricted to freelancers with UK addresses since we know the best communication often happens face-to-face and in the experience of many clients, being local to each other is a benefit.

- does not expect to take a cut of your project fees.
- does not try to get in the way of clients and freelancers communicating in detail about a project. We do not require you to use our site to communicate or to invoice the work.

As a client
- You do not need an account to search.
- Use our search facility to specify a project phase or support and a high-level skillset.
- Refine your search with specific skills if you have something in mind.
- You must specify an area (county or postcode/distance) to search in so that we you can be in touch with freelancers local to you.
- You do not need to detail any sort of project or requirement - that's up to you when you contact one of the freelancers listing on the site.
- You can contact the freelancers directly using the contact details they themselves provide. You can use the site to send an enquiry to their email address, but only if you want to. If they don't yet have a paid-for profile we will contact them for you to say that you are interested in talking to them.
- There are no fees to pay to if you engage a freelancer you meet through the site.

As a freelancer
- You need a basic account or a paid-for account in order to list on the site.
- A basic account allows your general area and your specific skills to be found in search results but not your contact details. If a client wants to contact you we will send you an email with some outline information and you and they can make contact once you have a paid-for profile.
- A paid-for profile allows your detailed area and your contact details to be seen alongside your detailed profile.
- There is no restriction to the number of clients who can contact you.
- There are no fees to pay to if a client engages you.

About IT Freelancers UK was set up by AlphaCRM Ltd as a service to both IT freelancers in the UK and their potential clients as a means of easily and simply bringing the two together.

Experience of other freelancing services helped us to feel there was a need for something else, something less structured and less controlling.


Usage of this web site and service is subject to these simple terms:
1. Clients may use the service to obtain contact details of the freelancers with listings on the site
2. Freelancers must obtain a paid-for profile in order to publish contact information on the site.
3. Clients must agree to only use the provided search facilities and may not extract data by automated processes such as web-scraping.
4. Alpha CRM Ltd does not offer any guarantee as to the quality or reliability of the freelancers listed on the site.
5. Alpha CRM Ltd does not offer any guarantee as to the ability of a client to pay for services provided in response to contact in response to a listing.
6. Alpha CRM Ltd does not guarantee that a listing will result in any contacts from a client to a freelancer.
7. Alpha CRM Ltd does not guarantee to list a freelancer in every UK area who can meet the requirements of a client.

This web site and contents are copyright © Alpha CRM Ltd., 2020

Legal information

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VAT registration number: GB 176 9653 53

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